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Website tricks to charge you more

The best way to find the lowest price - is to shop around, right?
There's a lot of information about you that's given up every time you visit any website.

With every visit, retailers can determine all kinds of things about you.

They know where you've shopped, what you've bought, even if you've visited price comparison websites.
Live in an affluent area?  You may pay more than someone in another neighborhood.

A Wall Street Journal investigation showed how shopping with a Mac computer could get you charged more than a Windows user.

Office Depot admitted it uses browsing history and geo-location to vary offers to its website visitors.

"I don't think it's fair. I think everything should be priced evenly," Online shopper Schuyler Leukhardt said.

What can you do?

1. Set your browser to delete your history and cookies when you log off.  Even sneakier, use 2 different internet browsers when you shop online.

2. You can also use a virtual private network - The data you're sending back and forth is encrypted. Tor and Google Chrome Incognito are VPN's you can find on the web.

3. Subscribe to comparison sites like DealNews for sale alerts.

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