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911 Communications Center running again

Rochester, N.Y.-- Answering emergency phone calls became the emergency for the 911 Communications Center Monday night when they realized some of the calls to their center were not getting through.

We originally figured it out because the alarm company called us and said were trying to call you with this burglar alarm and we got a busy signal, said John Merklinger, 911 Communications Director.

The problem was sporadic, not all callers got a busy signal. Merklinger says he only know of three that did.

We were fortunate what they were calling for wasnt serious in nature, they were for police reports do they wasnt a large urgency, says Merklinger.

But getting the system back online was urgent. Frontier Communications started working immediately to fix the problem. The problem was in one of their cables.

In the meantime, Frontier rerouted calls to the 911 centers back up system, that system is a mirror of the main system.

Merklinger says this is only the third time, in his 14 years as director, that there has been a problem with the phone system.

Frontier released this statement about the outage:

At approximately 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Frontier Communications experienced a network issue between our Field Street and Plymouth central offices in Rochester. This resulted in some incoming calls to the Monroe County 911 receiving a fast busy signal. This was an intermittent problem and not all calls into the center received the fast busy signal. Our team quickly was dispatched on site, identified the issue, and rerouted all of the centers incoming traffic to a back-up redundant network at approximately midnight.  All calls then flowed normally. As a follow-up, we have been working since last night to correct the problem in the primary network and anticipate it to be fully restored by early this afternoon.

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