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Growing Deer Population in Newark

Newark, N.Y. - The quiet Village of Newark has an increasing number of uninvited guests going into resident's yards and damaging their plants.

The population of deer has been increasing over the years and the village is now trying to determine how to deal with it.

Weve completed the first of three phases, said Chief David Christler. The first phase was to find out if we had a problem and if so how big is the problem. The second phase is to come up with a plan with what were going to do and the third phase is to execute that plan.

Questionnaires were put on the villages website and in a local newspaper asking residents about the experience with deer.

We had a response of about 224 respondents mostly in the same area which is in the south and southeast part of the village, said Christler. Thats something that we already knew, but it confirmed what we thought. That those people were experiencing a lot of browsing by the deer and people report they see as many as 20 deer in their backyard.

For the last 15 years, Bill Semmler and his wife have lived in the village, and over the last four years more deer have been showing up in their yard.

Theyll bed down there for the night, theres probably 10 of them, said Semmler. Ive learned to cover my shrubs with a nylon mesh and my garden with a mesh and they seem to be leaving that alone, so I think I beat them.

Resident Douglas Meisch has also had to figure out ways to live with the deer.

I put a little maple tree out back and they started getting to that so I made a little wire fence and put that around it, said Meisch. It's an ongoing to thing, it's a normal day.

Chief Christler has been in touch with the Department of Environmental Conservation and is currently working to educate the public as a plan is made.

We should get ahead of it because if you dont do something the herd continues to grow a little each year until it is a real problem, said Christler. There are sprays that you can buy and you have to spray at least once a month to condition the deer not to come into your yard and they do work the other thing you can do is plant shrubs that are deer resistant.

As far as car verse deer accidents in the village, Christler said they have stayed about the same over the last seven years.

People in the village know theres deer and theyre more cautious, said Christler. [They] know theres deer and where the deer cross.

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