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Two million pages of LDC evidence

2 million pages of LDC evidence

Rochester, N.Y. --- The investigation lasted years and the prosecution has compiled millions of pages of evidence, literally.

In court on Wednesday the Attorney Generals Office spoke about the roughly two million documents that need to be turned over to defense lawyers as part of the discovery process in this case.

The status of charges against the husband of Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, and the impact of a perp walk last month, were also discussed in court on Wednesday.

200 Boxes Of Evidence

The roughly two million documents seized in this case are stored in approximately 200 boxes inside an evidence room at the Attorney Generals New York City Office.

Logistics were discussed in court about how to get those documents into the hands of defense lawyers representing the four men charged.

Transporting those documents to Rochester is one idea being explored but a secure place to house the documents has not been located yet. It would need to be a place where the defense lawyers could also have access to the files for their own review.

Ann Marie Preissler, the Assistant Attorney General handling this case, also spoke in court about the possibility of scanning all those documents and providing defense counsel discs with the material. The office was looking into a quote for that and even suggested sharing that expense with the defendants.

"Defense counsel, we meet on a weekly basis and it looks as though at this point we're going to try to divide some of the workload here, said Michael Schiano, the lawyer for defendant Dan Lynch. Two million documents is just an enormous amount of documents to go through.

"The unfortunate part is that all four defense attorneys are going to have to go through all two million pages because they don't give us an outline or table of contents (showing) what's in there, said James Nobles, the lawyer for defendant Robert Wiesner. Whereas there may only be six pages that are relevant to my client or ten pages that are relevant to my client I've got a duty and obligation to look at all two million pages and frankly it's a little bit of gamesmanship that you see by the government in certain cases like this where you try to overwhelm private counsel and I think that's certainly something that's going on here. There is no way that those two million documents are related to this case.

The suggestion that sharing the cost of providing these documents to the defendants did not go over well with some lawyers.

Schiano spoke about how Navitech, a copy at the center of this case, has already been providing documents to the Attorney Generals Office for months while the investigation was ongoing.

"For the past two years the Navitech group has voluntarily disclosed per-week about 1,200 documents totaling 700,000 documents and that cost was born by Navitech to about $100,000, explained Schiano. That they paid to make all these documents onto a disc so now they want us to chip in again when we voluntarily gave them these documents and we paid for these documents close to $100,000 now they want us to share the next two million documents, thats a little outrageous.


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