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Storm delays air travel

Rochester, N.Y. - Lines of travelers hoping to get home before the snow filled Greater Rochester International Airport on Wednesday. An arctic storm canceled and delayed a number of flights headed to and from Chicago, Cleveland and Newark, N.J.

With blizzard-like conditions expected to hit New York City and Boston Thursday, it's likely even more flights will be grounded. As of Wednesday night, 20 flights arriving and departing from Rochester on Thursday had already been cancelled.

Trying to fly back home to Los Angeles with his wife and dog, John Pollard said he is ready to get out of Rochester.

"It's just time to get out of this cold weather," Pollard said. "The coats, the scarves and this cold weather is just too much. I'm over it and I'm tired. I want to go home"

Pollard's connecting flight to Chicago was cancelled on Wednesday.

"We are stuck in town for the next couple of days now," Pollard said.

Like Pollard, many travelers were in town visiting family for the holidays.

"I'm heading back to Portland, Oregon, and I was supposed to leave at 2:45 p.m.," Charlie Kannan said. "My flight to Chicago keeps getting pushed back and pushed and pushed back."

Kannan's connecting flight was delayed several hours and he really needed to get back.

"I'm supposed to work tomorrow so I'm just kind of waiting to see if I need to call my boss," Kannan said.

After a seven hour delay, Kannan had to make that call to his boss and get his brother to pick him up. His flight was cancelled.

Julie Baliva said she scrambled to move up her flight out of Raleigh, North Carolina in order to get back home to Rochester before the storm.

"I spent probably a total of two hours on the phone with the airlines," Baliva said, "it was horrible."

Still, Baliva was one of the lucky ones---She made it to her final destination. Baliva said, "I'm glad that I'm home, ready for the snow."

Others, like Pollard and his dog MacGyver, weren't so happy to be in stuck Rochester for this winter weather.

"Oh, he don't like it at all," Pollard said. "He's a California dog. He hates it."

Pollard said his wife isn't very happy either.

"She's got to get back to school," he said. "She's got exams tomorrow and it doesn't look like she's going to back that."

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