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Fountain of Youth?

Rochester, N.Y. - As we age, most people look for ways to look younger and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  But can we find the secret to fight aging in a bottle?  Some people say yes. They have used a product called Nerium and said it has reduced wrinkles and lines and improved the texture of their skin in a months time.

You wont find Nerium in a store. Its only sold on-line and on social media by people who have used it. Barbie Morningstar says a friend urged her to try it. She was hesitant, but frustrated after dealing with red, blotchy skin for years and noticing lines around her mouth and eyes. She tried it and said she noticed a difference in 30 days. Barbie was sold on the product and now pitches it to people she knows on Facebook. Barbie and others whove used the product post pictures of their own results and say the photos speak for themselves and show a dramatic difference.

Morningstar said Nerium is made from extracts from the Oleander plant and Aloe. It costs 80-120 dollars for a months supply. Morningstar said for her, its a miracle in a bottle.

Dermatologist Dr. Lesley Loss hasnt researched the product but said she is skeptical of any anti-aging product that promises quick results. She said it just isnt possible to reverse the signs of aging in that amount of time without surgery or injectables like Botox or Juvederm.

She said Retinol products like Retin A can also diminish fine lines and wrinkles, but its a gradual process.

She said the one sure way to prevent premature aging is to use sunscreen. Every day. Year round.

Injectables and fillers like Juvederm cost anywhere from $500-$1000.00, depending on the number of treatments and condition of your skin.

Dr. Loss says there is no one size fits all solution to fight aging. She said getting enough sleep and having a good diet are also important.

But genes may also dictate how we age. In most cases, she says the most damaging thing we do to promote aging is excessive sun exposure.

But for Morningstar and others who have used Nerium, they say it is working for them and many others. They say the proof is in the before and after pictures of real people who have used the product.

Its a cream that is applied twice a day. At night as a mask, and in the morning as a moisturizer.

For them, it is a fountain of youth and the answer to fighting aging. But they say if you dont see results in 30 days, you can get a full refund.

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