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2 DWI arrests hours apart for couple

Livonia, N.Y. --- In a matter of hours this past weekend a man and a woman from Greece were both arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. The couple were together when the first arrest happened after a deputy pulled over their vehicle. The second arrest occurred in the jail parking lot.

That woman, LeighAnn Hasler, 30, explained the situation to 13WHAM News.

Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty reports that Erik Hasler, 30, was arrested in the Town of Livonia early Saturday morning. The deputy who pulled the vehicle over stated that Hasler refused to take a chemical test to determine his Blood Alcohol Content level. As a matter of procedure, Hasler was then taken to be arraigned by a local court judge who set bail at $500.00. Hasler was then booked into the Livingston County Jail.

"If the deputy feels you're intoxicated they'll arrest you, if you just flat out refuse and the deputy didn't feel you were intoxicated than no, you would not be (arrested)," explained Sheriff Doughtery. "But if the deputy feels you're intoxicated and you refuse those tests you're going to be arrested."

Hours later, Sheriff Dougherty reports that a female called the Livingston County Jail asking about how to bail someone out. The deputy who fielded that phone call suspected the woman of being intoxicated, according to the Sheriff. Around 5:55 a.m. the deputies report seeing LeighAnn Hasler stumble out of a vehicle in the parking lot of the Livingston County Jail. She later submitted to a chemical test, registered a .18% BAC, and was arrested for Aggravated DWI according to the Sheriff.

"I think the big public safety message is don't drink and drive," said Sheriff Dougherty. "The next public safety message is if you're going to bail somebody out of jail make sure you're doing it sober because there are people paying attention and in this case this woman in an apparent intoxicated stated and now she herself is arrested, definitely a lot of public safety messages in this one."

LeighAnn Hasler Explains the Situation

13WHAM News showed LeighAnn Hasler the press release from Sheriff Dougherty on Monday morning and gave her the opportunity to respond and explain the situation to the community.

"Erik was our designated driver, picked me and a friend of ours up," she said of the couple's plans late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

"It wasn't too much of and 'Uh-oh' because he was the designated driver," LeighAnn said of the moment they were pulled over in Livonia. "Me and the other one (their friend) are like yeah officer we are intoxicated but he's sober, so they got Erik out of the vehicle and wanted to do a sobriety test and he refused it so they arrested him."

Erik and LeighAnn Hasler are legally divorced but still together according to LeighAnn. She said Erik is hoping the DWI charge he faces will be dropped.

"He was doing the right thing and if I was in his shoes I would've refused the test too," she said. "He is very angry with this situation right now, he will be fighting it."

As for her own situation, LeighAnn admits she did wrong and is preparing to face the consequences.

"I'm going to have to but I won't let it happen again, I will not let this happen again," she said. "Had I known that I was still that intoxicated I never would've done it but I didn't know I was that intoxicated still, I had slept...(for) probably two-and-a-half or three (hours)."

Hasler added that she was very cooperative with deputies and they also noted that on various paperwork that was filled out.

"I didn't deny it all, he (the deputy) came in and started the test on me and I said officer I'm not passing it," she recalled. "I flat out told him, I'm not passing this."

LeighAnn Hasler is charged with DWI and Aggravated DWI for having a BAC of .18% or greater.

Erik Hasler is charged with DWI, Refusal to take a breath test, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle 3rd Degree, Unlicensed Operator, and Failure to Keep Right.

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