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Social media reaction to Kimberly and Beck firing

Rochester, N.Y. -- Two popular local radio hosts have been fired Thursday morning after making controversial comments during their show Wednesday.

Kimberly and Beck, were the hosts of "The Breakfast Buzz" on 98.9 The Buzz.

The station made an announcement on Twitter Wednesday night that the hosts were suspended, saying the decision came after the two made hateful comments against the transgender community.

The hosts' comments were in response to the city's recent decision to offer transgender health benefits to employees.

Below are some comments from viewers on our Facebook page. You can also comment We may use some of your comments on the air.

Jason Bonno Freedom of speech doesn't mean you're safe from consequences from an employer. The fact that people don't understand that simple point is quite sad.

Todd Sigeti You do know that the First Amendment protects your speech from oppression from the GOVERNMENT. Last I checked, 98.9 is not the government. It's fine if you disagree with the station's decision, but they have every right to fire them.

Bethany LittleOne Rahn An unpopular opinion is, "wow, I really hate pizza." Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny are things that are not "unpopular opinion," they are hate and they directly affect individuals' lives.

Dawn Salone The Kimberly and beck show is all about controversy. They did not do anything wrong. I listened to that show and they were not out of place any more than they normally are. Thumbs down. Great loss in the. Morning

Kay Lynn I hope they sue for wrongful termination. If radio personalities start down the path of political correctness, there will be nothing worth listening to.

Jennifer Myers I think you will gain a lot more listeners then will be lost. Please find a positive role model to replace them. This world has enough negativity and hate, and no one needs to start their day like that.

Lorraine Bronson Schiffhauer I don't necessarily agree with what they said, however, if you don't like what they say turn the station!!!

Theresa Zimmer Cypas I am angry as hell... I will never listen to 98.9 again. It's called freedom of speech, this is America!!! We all have a right to our own opinions and it's ok if they are different from the next person. I'm just sick that bc they spoke about what a lot of people are thinking they lose their jobs. No I didn't agree with what they were saying yesterday but guess what people I turned the station.

Bob Packer Whatever happened to free speech? I thought radio personalities were supposed to create content that inflames listeners, one way or the other.

Corey McMichael Nobody was forcing ANYONE to listen to them...if you don't like what they're saying then change the station to NPR or something. What a lame and pointless world when you can no longer express your opinions.

Judie Pearce Nowacki I'm so sorry to hear Kimberly Ray and Beck have lost their longtime show and jobs. God be with you friends. Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

Mandy Hassett So now we all laugh and ridicule them? Because the best way to fight hate is with more hate? I don't agree with their comments but why should we judge them the way they judge others?


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