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Woman removed from RTS bus

Rochester, N.Y. - Juggling two young kids, a stroller and a diaper bag, a Rochester woman was kicked off of an RTS bus during the thunderstorm Tuesday night.

"Thundering, lightning, it was very windy so I mean it was coming down pretty bad, it was scary," said Corrine Moore.

Babysitting one-year-old twins, Moore was stranded in the city--miles from home, she and the kids had to stand outside in the storm.

"No remorse, nobody had any remorse and it hurt," Moore said, "When I tell you I got off that bus literally in tears, I was crying."

For about 45-minutes the other passengers onboard the bus stood up for Moore-- video taken on a cell phone captured people yelling at the driver, insisting the Moore and the kids be allowed to stay on the bus.

"That's not right, that's not right, her fare has been paid," said one passenger, "That's not right man; this lady has got two kids."

Moore said she swiped her $3 day pass and then paid the $1 fare when the driver said she did not pay.

"Another man was like 'no, you don't even got to do that, I'll give him a dollar for you,'" Moore said three people paid her fare, after she swiped her day pass and paid a dollar.

Still, the driver insisted she get off, Moore said, "He's like 'oh the money is not the issue, she's just got to get off the bus,' I'm like well it's pouring down rain, I'm not getting off the bus."

The driver then called the Rochester Police Department to have officers remove Moore and the kids from the bus. RPD directed questions about to incident to RTS.

According to Moore, the bus driver said the issue was that she swiped her bus pass, and then handed it off to someone else.

Moore said she was trying to repay the stranger who helped her lug the stroller onto the number 4 bus.

"He saw me struggling with the two kids and the stroller," Moore said, "the guy went out of his way and got off the bus that he was originally supposed to stay on to go straight home."

Moore said while he was helping her, the man missed his bus--so she wanted to pay for his ride to thank him.

Just before 8 p.m. she boarded her bus, swiped the pass and handed it off to the stranger--The pass was only valid for four more hours and can only be used once every ten minutes.

A spokesperson for RTS said customers are not allowed to share bus passes but there is no set penalty for when incidents like this occur.

Captured on cell phone video the police officer told passengers it was up to the driver, "He has the authority at any time to kick anybody off the bus."

Moore said the officer gave her five minutes to get off the bus, or she would go to jail and the children would be handed over to Child Protective Services.

Panicked, Moore exited the bus and stood out in the rain as the other passengers screamed at the officer and the driver.

Moore said, "The baby girl was just crying so bad and there was nothing I could do to calm her down because she just wanted to get out of the weather."

After about ten minutes Moore said a bus monitor offered her a ride and drove her home in a car.

Moore said that wasn't enough to rectify the situation, "What if they would have caught pneumonia, bronchitis, a cold out here, nobody felt sorry."

The cell phone video only captured the last few minutes of the incident that Moore said went on for about an hour.

RTS is investigating, reviewing surveillance footage from inside the bus to try to figure out what exactly happened.

At the very least, Moore said she deserves an apology.

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