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New trial possible for 2002 double murder

Rochester, N.Y. --- Next week a Monroe County Court Judge will decide whether or not to grant Charles Teddy Pierre a new trial.

Pierre is serving a possible life sentence for arson and two murders that occurred on First Street in Rochester back in 2002. But a series of hearings in recent weeks are bringing forth evidence that suggests another man is in fact responsible for those crimes.

That other man, Darrell Boyd, is also in state prison for a 2007 murder that was similar to the First Street crimes. Numerous people now claim Boyd has confessed to those crimes in 2002.

On Thursday in court Boyds ex-wife, Kathleen Boyd, took the witness stand and told the court that they lived at the First Street apartment house that burned in 2002. The victims of that murder lived downstairs and the Boyds knew them according to Kathleen Boyd. She then told the court that her husband confessed to those crimes and threatened her to keep her quiet.

He told me that I was an accessory after the fact and that he would kill me and everybody I love, Boyd testified on the stand.

She later told the court that she told police about this confession on a few occasions. One time she told them when they responded to help her after a domestic dispute with Boyd.

Darrell had cracked three of my ribs and I sat there on the floor and said (to police) he had killed two people on First Street so what would a third body be? Kaltheen Boyd said in court. Ive been trying to tell different people throughout the years.

Pierres lawyer, Van White, said Rochester Police recorded an approximately two-and-a-half hour long interview with Kathleen Boyd in 2012 in which she tells investigators what she knows of the 2002 crimes.

She said she repeatedly went to police and there's all kinds of evidence that that's true, explained White. I have all kinds of a Field Investigation Forms, they're called FIF's, that the police went out after he (Boyd) beat her and cracked her ribs, Mr. Boyd cracked her ribs, she said you guys got to do something this guy already killed two people on First Street.

That taped interview, Kathleen Boyds testimony, and testimony from others in recent weeks will be considered by Monroe County Court Judge Doug Randall over the next week.

Randall expects to deliver a ruling on Thursday the 17th at 2 p.m. If he rules in Pierres favor a new trial would be scheduled. Pierre would not be released from state prison.

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