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Details of Deputy Mayor’s DWI arrest

Rochester, N.Y. --- New details about the DWI arrest of Rochesters Deputy Mayor were revealed at a court hearing on Tuesday. A New York State Trooper testified in great detail about four field sobriety tests that he administered to Leonard Redon, and how he failed each one.

Redon, 62, was arrested on around 11:30 p.m. on March 20th after Trooper Jacob Brinson pulled him over on I-490 in the westbound lanes. Trooper Brinson testified in court on Tuesday that the Deputy Mayors vehicle passed his SUV in the right lane and was traveling about 70 miles-per-hour at the time. Trooper Brinson said that Redon had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath, his speech was slurred, and he was leaning on his vehicle for balance once he got out of the car.

He was staggering pretty bad, leaning on his door constantly, Trooper Brinson testified.

During testimony on Tuesday, Trooper Brinson detailed the four field sobriety tests he administered to Redon and said that he failed each of them.

Reciting the Alphabet: The trooper asked Redon to recite a portion of the alphabet beginning with the letter F and stopping at the letter T Redon ended at M (and) then he mumbled a few letters before ending the alphabet with U, X, Y, Z according to the trooper.

Finger to Nose Test: The trooper asked Redon to stand with his arms at his side, his index finger extended, lift his head high, and close his eyes. Then the trooper asked him to touch his left or right finger to his nose based on the troopers directions. He said he missed on three of six attempts and on the last attempt he struck the side of his face.

Walk and Turn Test: The trooper asked Redon to walk heel-to-toe along a straight line on the side of the road for nine paces, turn around in a stutter step fashion, and walk back nine paces. Redon reportedly stepped off the line four times in each direction and he took eleven steps, not nine, on his way back down the line.

One Leg Stand Test: The trooper asked Redon to lift one foot off the ground about six inches and count in a one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand fashion. The trooper said Redon made it to a three on the first attempt and five on the second attempt but each time he lost his balance. I had to catch him a couple times, Trooper Brinson testified.

But in court the testimony also revealed that Redon did not in any way ask the trooper for any favors or mention his position with the City of Rochester in a fashion that could be interpreted as an attempt to influence the troopers actions. As Trooper Brinson was driving Redon to the Scottsville Road trooper barracks he said the deputy mayor spoke a little bit about the situation he found himself in.

He was pretty disappointed with himself, Trooper Brinson testified when asked how to characterize Redons comments during that trip.

"He responded the way a reasonable honorable person would respond, he acknowledged the situation and I think he deserves our respect, said Redons lawyer Edward Fiandach after the court hearing. We're dealing with a man who is really devoted to this community and he responded in a way in which I think we should all be proud, as a man who is devoted to the community and we should all keep that in mind; a man who is working very hard for our betterment.

In March, a City Hall Spokeswoman explained that Redon was diagnosed with diabetes days before his arrest. It was suggested that the disease could impact the way his body metabolizes alcohol. Redon offered Mayor Lovely Warren his resignation after the arrest but, after a conversation, the Mayor refused to accept it.

Redons lawyer said his client surrendered his license to the Department of Motor Vehicles following the arrest but has since been issued a conditional license that allows him to drive for necessary travel to work, home, and doctors appointments among other places.

Following testimony on Tuesday, Rochester City Court Judge Ellen Yacknin ruled that the trooper had sufficient probable cause to pull Redon over, administer the appropriate tests, and arrest him for DWI. The next court date is August 12th at which time a plea deal could be announced or a trial date could be set.

"With every case there are conversations between the defense attorney and the prosecutor's office in terms of where we're going with the case, explained Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Roman Misula. I can't comment on those conversations obviously but all I can say is the case is proceeding, we're ready to proceed to trial.

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