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Immigration and taxpayers

Washington For U.S. taxpayers, the cost of illegal immigration runs into the billions, but the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that initial costs to be $2,500 per immigrant just for enforcement. The Department of Homeland Security numbers are ten times that much.

The problem of illegal immigration has many layers. Some people believe that the U.S. needs to assist the immigrants at all costs, while others point to the quickly escalating bill that taxpayers face with every immigrant who crosses the border.

Taking into account the costs of infrastructure and manpower required to work on the border, its more than $18,000 per immigrant and another $3,300 for a single detention, more than $800 in legal fees and another $1,000 to deport one immigrant out of the country.

Roy Beck, the Executive Director of Numbers USA said that the actual number is likely much higher, since so many immigrants, especially younger ones, end up staying in the United States.

They are moving them into communities where they will become widely dependent on the taxpayers of that local community, a good share of the rest of their lives, Beck said.

Many people are concerned there is a crisis and before more numbers on costs are crunched, current laws need to be better enforced.

We have all these debates about what, how many people to take in, what categories of people, skilled or unskilled, more family or less family, all of thats meaningless if you can just walk across the border and say, here I am, let me stay, said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center of Immigration Studies.

Krikorian said that immigration problems will persist until immigrants are given an unequivocal no regardless of age or where they are from.

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