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Significant damage after Richmond flooding

Richmond, N.Y. -- Torn up by flood waters, chunks of asphalt scattered around the town and toys and paperwork swept out of homes and businesses: Richmond Town Supervisor Ralph Angelo said that Mondays flooding was the worst he's ever seen in his community.

He estimated damages from the flood to be upwards of $400,000.

"It chased people out of their homes," he said.  "It washed out roads; it put people out of their business."

Across the street from Angelos barber, the rental property that John and Suzanne Marrapese own and lived in took in 4 feet of water.

"The creek let loose in the back and it was just like a lake, the water just came flowing in." Mr. Marrapese said.

Four families had to be evacuated from Marrapeses building when the water broke through the first flood windows around 9 a.m. Monday.

That morning, Marrapese dug trenches around the building and built a stone blockade to divert the water, but that did not stop the powerful flood. Marrapese said, "It took the pictures off the walls, everything was floating, tipped over the fridge the stove, the washer dryer tipped over -- the dressers the beds, everything, everything is just gone."

It rained for 15 hours, but most of the damage was done in the first five. After roughly 6 inches fell, water surged over the creek banks and flooded the entire town.

The rush of water was so strong it washed away sections of streets. One of the town's main arteries to pump traffic in and out of Rochester, County Road 40, was split in half.

Angelo said, "A six foot culvert and road and all is completely gone, there is no road, you can't get by."

Eight culverts had major damage and eight roads, three of which are heavily traveled, were shut down. Angelo said the town will have to hire private companies to help with the repairs to reopen the roads as quickly as possible.

Angelo said the town already applied to get federal aid to help pay for all the damages, but Richmond is still waiting to get $200,000 of federal money for the flood which occurred in May.

Angelo said for the last two years the town tried to get permits to dig out and deepen the creeks, but the Department of Environmental Conservation denied those requests. 

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