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Keeping tabs on Type 1 diabetes

Livonia, N.Y. - Six year old Evan Costik is able to ride his bike and take walks for longer periods of time.

It's something he wasn't always able to do.

Evan is living with Type 1 diabetes.

He was diagnosed at age four.

You feel your world kind of fall away because you realize everything changes when you have a disease, a chronic disease that requires a multitude of tasks. Even though it's manageable, it's potentially fatal, Evans dad John Costik said.

Evan's parents John and Laura Costik would check his sugar levels every hour.

They even created a website for Evan's school nurse to enter his levels.

But they wanted more, giving Evan more freedom, so they created a way to read his levels without a prick of the finger.

Evan wears a device on his arm that helps keep track of his blood sugar levels.

This is what they call a continuous glucose monitor so every five minutes; this little grey piece transmits a current value to a receiver, which is programed to interpret an estimated glucose value as a blood sugar number, said John Costik.

We have the ability to see Evan's blood sugar levels when he's away from us, said Evans mom Laura Costik.

They can access his levels on a tablet or smartphone and even a smartwatch, through data sent to the cloud, thats a type of data storage.

These are tools the Costik family is not keeping to themselves, they're sharing it.

The couple will be featured in a number of publications.

The Facebook group CGM In the Cloud is a group of people impacted by Type 1 diabetes and are working to make a change.

Almost every hour someone posts how this has changed their lives, they're teaching each other how to develop these systems and keep their kids safe, Laura Costik said.

All we ever set out to do was to help Evan and our family to take back from Type 1 as we could, said Laura.

The family says its taking back some of the freedoms they say seemed to be lost.

Evan can now go to sleepovers and the couple says they can enjoy date night, but still keep tabs on their six year old at their fingertips.

To find out more, visit CGM In the Cloud at this link,





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