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Student tackles student loan crisis

These days’ student loans and debt go hand-in-hand with rising cost of the college experience.

Kevin Connell is now a senior at the University of Rochester and one of many dealing with student loans.

“My mom said, ‘Kevin, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to send you to the U of R much long if the increases continue like this,’” says Connell.

Connell dove head first into the problem, spending three years researching and going back and forth to Washington. His quest for solving the loan crisis turned into a book, “Breaking Point: The College Affordability Crisis.”

“I would argue that the people who should be most interested are parents, you know. I know from myself, my mother is taking out more money in loans than I am,” says Connell.

Connell blames for-profit colleges for diverting public funds away from public education.

“The for-profits are the tumor. Once you cut the tumor out, you have to treat the patient with chemo,” says Connell.

The patients, according to Connell, are the Universities. He says too many simply don’t offer degrees that yield post-graduation jobs, creating a disaster when it comes to repaying loans.

As for Connell, he’s pushing his ideas before members of Congress.

“I think I come close to a silver bullet. I wouldn’t propose my ideas if I didn’t think they would work,” says Connell.

According to Connell, he’s talking with publishers about publishing the book. Also, he recently learned he may be asked to testify before Congress about the student loan crisis.

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