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Nguyen's mom asks Cuomo for help

Seneca Falls, N.Y. - The mother of the woman convicted for providing the weapons to William Spengler, who then used them to kill his sister and ambush West Webster firefighters spoke with 13WHAM News.

She said her daughter, 25-year old Dawn Nguyen is very sorry for the two West Webster firefighters who lost their lives during the ambush, and has nothing but sympathy for the families affected, but her mother also said she believes her daughter has had to unfairly pay for the crimes committed by Spengler. 

"What's prison going to do to someone who was 21-years-old at the time and has mental problems that are all documented?" asked Dawn Chung, mother of 25-year-old Dawn Nguyen, who is now serving a one to four year jail sentence.

"It's going to make her a cold-hearted person." Chung still insists her daughter had no intention of giving the guns to William Spengler, a convicted felon. "She was moving to her own apartment in Greece, and there were a lot of home invasions," said Chung, explaining why she encouraged her daughter to buy guns.

Chung said she recently faxed a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo, asking for assistance as she tries to lessen her daughter's sentence.

"If she gets time that's one thing," she said, referring to her daughter's time in jail. "But I don't think she should pay for Mr. Spengler's crimes."

In the letter, Chung said she asked Governor Cuomo to change gun laws and require permits for rifles and shot-guns.

"Use her for good instead of the worse," she said. "Why not use her to change laws?"

However Chung still insists that Nguyen was buying guns for herself and not Spengler.

"I have a 12-gauge and I wanted her to get that for her protection."

Nguyen was accompanied by Spengler as she purchased the guns back in 2010 from Gander Mountain, but Chung said Spengler would occasionally spend time with various family members.

"I knew she went to the store with him," Chung continued. "My husband also went to the store with him as well, he knew about guns, maybe that's why."

Nguyen claimed that Spengler later stole the guns from her, but was sentenced and is serving up to four years in the Monroe County jail for lying about the documents used to purchase the guns.

She recently pleaded guilty to additional federal charges, which could lead to 24 months of prison time.

Chung told 13WHAM News that she understands her daughter needs to serve some time in jail, but disagrees with the length of the sentence. She strongly opposes possible additional sentencing for the federal charges.

"Everybody deserves a second chance," Chung said as she talked about her daughter's issues with bi-polar disorder and occasional problems in school growing up. "She's not the type of person you'll see in prison again.

Make her go on her bi-polar medicine, give her an ankle bracelet."

Nguyen is now 25, and was recently married in jail. Two West Webster firefighters, Mike Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka, were killed by Spengler shortly after he killed his sister and set fire to his home. Spengler killed himself shortly thereafter.

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