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Not Same Old Bills

The Bills should have won. I am not going to make any excuses or great proclamations about them being better than I expected them to be in 2013  I picked them to lose the game to New England and I picked them go 6-10 on the season.  But anyone who says "Same Old Bills" should take another look because they are missing something more obvious than a Tom Brady converted slant pass on 3rd and 6.  


Mindset. 4th quarter. 5 minutes to go   Bills get the ball back and go 3 and out  But the thing you are screaming at your TV and saying is "Why are they still in the no huddle?  They need to burn some clock.  That's the way Chan Gailey or Dick Jauron would play . Mindset  Marrone says they were out there to score. You notice he did not say they wanted a first down  He did not say they wanted to make it tougher on the Patriots by making them use timeouts  He said they needed to score. Of course you know they failed  They went 3 and out and only used a minute  But time and timeouts were not even a factor for Brady to get the winning score. Not making plays is what cost them 


Mindset  Doug Marrone was relatively pleased with EJ Manuel's play but the most important thing he said after the game was "We expect EJ to play well. We have high expectations for him and he does for himself"  Mindset  They don't expect EJ to be better than Ryan Fitzpatrick  They expect him to some day be great  Will he make it?  Of course we have to wait to see. But if he fails it won't be because of lowered expectations


Marrone is a rookie too. His challenge early in the game was a failure (maybe it would have been better if he did not get the flag out of his pocket)  But he was decisive   His decision to punt inside Patriots territory in the 2nd quarter was Mike Mularkey-esque.  But for the most part he had his team fired up to play. The penalties are an embarrassment and that will be his downfall because this team doesn't have the talent to overcome those mistakes  But Marrone doesn't make excuses  Sure they were playing without their only 2 quality, proven defensive backs but he experts the guys in their place to play well. Mindset


I know Bills fans are down with the loss and they have every reason to be. They should be celebrating a huge win not looking up at three 1-0 teams in the division. But I have a good feeling about what is going on in Orchard Park this year.  There will be growing pains  You certainly a feeling those this morning.  While the standings say 0-1 and this team will probably lose more than they winagain, I will hold true to my main point. They are not."the Same Old Bills" 

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