Meal service highlights Rochester restaurants
CurAte highlights a variety of restaurants in the Rochester community. (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - A new meal service aims to get customers to try a variety of restaurants in the Rochester area. 

CurAte, cofounded by Chris Lindstrom, offers surprise meals every month. Customers won't know what they ordered until it's delivered or picked up from their location in South Wedge. 

"We try to make it sustainable for the restaurants, for our drivers, and a unique experience for our customers," said Lindstrom. 

The organization makes the meals in large groups, minimizing the amount of delivery vehicles on the road. CurAte also works with the restaurants to exclude any unnecessary packaging. 

CurAte serves food from all different backgrounds, such as Indian and Polish foods. Wednesday's meal featured food from Philomina's. The organization hopes this program will help small businesses compete in the pandemic and attract new customers. 

"It's amazing the kind of food you can find in Rochester if you go out and explore," said Lindstrom. 

Adventurous diners can find more information on CurAte on their website. 

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