Bright Spot: A Bills fan's dream-come-true

(WHAM photo)

Thursday’s Bright Spot shines on a couple of die-hard Bills fans who created a tailgate game that’s now helping others.

Mike Wolf got the inspiration for the lawn game “First-N-Ten” after his wife, Jean, sent him to the grocery store. He returned home with no groceries, but a cool idea.

“He got home, and we’re having people over for a football game and party and I’ve got no food,” said Jean Wolf. “And I’m like, what’s with this? And he’s like, ‘It’s real good.’”

The idea caught on, and now the game is selling online in 20 state and overseas.

Jean is a throat cancer survivor, so parts of the proceeds from the game go toward pediatric cancer research.

“I’m a grandma, through and through,” said Jean. “And I love kids. And what better way to pay it forward than go through cancer research and help that out?”

“It’s a crazy dream we had,” said Mike, “and to be able to do this, it’s awesome.”

Our Bright Spot shines on an awesome dream come true.

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