Bright Spot: A new career in nursing

Patti Winn (WHAM photo)

Our Bright Spot shines on Patti Winn and her mother, Nancy Anderson Baker.

Wednesday, Patti graduated from the University of Rochester School of Nursing.

Winn is starting a new career in nursing after 30 years as a teacher in Fairport. And she does it 60 years after her mother, Nancy, graduated from the same nursing school.

“I had always had an interest in medicine, but in college I got called to teach,” said Winn. “And toward the end of my career, I got called into another career: Nursing.”

“She’s a very hard worker,” said her mother, Nancy, “and she’s very dedicated. She was a very dedicated teacher, and she’s been very dedicated to this intensive nursing program.”

Winn said she would like to work in psychiatry because she sees the need when it comes to mental health.

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