Bright Spot: Arc of Monroe's Bowling Banquet

(Photo: Don Alhart)

Our Bright Spot shines on smiles!

For more than 45 years now, 13WHAM’s own Don Alhart has handed out trophies at the annual Bowling Banquet for the Arc of Monroe.

This year, Don snapped a few photos to share the pure joy he experiences as these men and women celebrate their accomplishments on the lanes. The trophies and certificates mean a great deal to them, and there’s fun to be had every year.

This year, Don even brought back a special message for Chief Meteorologist Glenn Johnson and his team.

“You’re doing a great job,” said ARC blowler Michelle Pommerening. “Love you all! Make sure spring comes soon – no ice storms! Do a great job with the sports! I’ll see you soon – take care!”

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