Bright Spot: Catherine Merriman

    Catherine Merriman (Left) and her physical therapist, Traci (Right (Provided photo)

    Our Bright Spot shines on Catherine Merriman. She’s back home after three years of overcoming illness.

    Catherine spent three years battling illnesses – including lymphedema and pneumonia. She lived at St. John Home’s Tulip Neighborhood for two years. She has also been working with her physical therapist, Traci, five days a week for four months, to help transition back to living alone.

    After years of rehab, Catherine is finally heading home. We’re told there were, “cheers, high fives and happy tears,” as she departed St. John’s Home.

    Now that she’s heading home, Catherine says she’s looking forward to doing her own grocery shopping, cooking and meeting up with friends.

    We offer a Bright Spot salute to Catherine and to all those who helped her in her journey.

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