Bright Spot: Christina Baker Kline

    (WHAM photo)

    Our Bright Spot shines on Christina Baker Kline.

    The author of “The Orphan Train” brought her story to life Tuesday at the annual Heart Gallery Luncheon sponsored by Children Awaiting Parents.

    Her novel shares the story of orphans and unwanted children who traveled across country by train in search of permanent homes.

    “The feelings those children had on the trains are the same feelings that children have today in foster care,” she said. “Feelings that no one wants them and that they’re never going to find a home. So it’s really an amazing thing to see an organization like this and the work they do to bridge that gap for children in our culture who need a place to go.”

    We offer a Bright Spot salute to Christina and Children Awaiting Parents for helping to bridge that gap!

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