Bright Spot: National Adoption Day

(WHAM photo)

Friday’s Bright Spot shines on forever families!

In celebration of National Adoption Day, five local families finalized the adoption of children ranging in age from two to 16 years old.

A ceremony was held in Monroe County Family Court. The Ball family finalized the adoption of Justin Friday, growing their family to nine! And, some advice to those considering becoming foster parents…

“They may think it’s something they can’t do, but once you meet these children, this is something you can’t not do,” said Mike Ball. “With our crew and Justin and everyone else, this has not been difficult. This has been a joy every day!”

“Being a kid is tough enough, as we all know,” said Molly Ball. “And without parents and siblings to support us, many of us would be lost. Speaking on behalf of all my brothers and sisters, we feel fortunate to be one big, noisy family.”

“Some of the restaurants look terrified as we come in,” added Mike, “but once you get to meet everybody, they’re not as scary as they look!”

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