Bright Spot: Toddlers exploring textures, movement, language on fun-filled field trip

Our Bright Spot shines on some very special toddlers.

Our Bright Spot shines on some very special toddlers.

These toddlers are part of the early intervention development program at the Rochester Hearing and Speech Center.

On Thursday they stopped by Gro-Moore Farms in Henrietta.

Their stop was more than just a field trip. The kids explored textures, movement, and language at the farm.

"They're touching, they're feeling, they're smelling, they're understanding what we're talking about in the classroom," said Special Education Teacher Rite Myers.

Watching the kids progress is something teachers say they enjoy most.

"It's just so much fun to see the joy in their little faces, no matter what activities we do whether it's in the classroom or outside in the community - it's just an amazing to see from where they start with us until the end," said Special Education teacher Lisa Sandolo.

Thursday's trip ties in with their classroom pumpkin theme that the kids have been learning about.

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