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He Shed, She Shed Project

He Shed She Shed Project

(WHAM) - These little backyard beauties will be popping up at the Rochester Home Builders' Home & Garden Show this month.

Rick Herman from Rochester Home Builders is proud to have worked with 13WHAM's Jennifer Johnson and Scott Hetsko to decorate sheds with the help of two local designers.

These sheds will help raise funds and bring awareness for two local charities: Golisano Children’s Hospital and the Finger Lakes Organ Donor Network.

Woodtex will be supplying the sheds. Jennifer's shed is being designed by Shery Merkle, while Scott's shed will be designed by Leona Piro.

Scott's Shed

My shed is inspired by nature and weather together. It will have sort of a rustic, outdoor feel that gives you the feeling of being outside without having to be outside. The shed will feature a “wooded” mural on the back wall as you enter. We’ll sprinkle in some weather themed items and a picture or two of my family.

The wood construction of the shed will be utilized inside and plenty of live plants will be on display as well. But let’s not forget it’s a man shed so of course I’ll have a flat screen television with a few fine leather chairs and a chest that opens into a bar. I’m excited to be able to show off my shed at the home show coming up later in March!

Jennifer’s Shed

My shed is inspired by all the hard working women in my life. I see them taking care of the needs of so many others but leaving little time or space for their own. The space is chic yet comfortable. Luxurious yet practical. It has a beautiful accent wall complimented by a couch and chairs and a fireplace to add that cozy factor. That area flows into the space where a table and chairs aren’t too far from a wine fridge and kitchenette. Curtains flank the windows and hooks hang next to the front door for friends’ belongings – perfect if you choose to host a girls night. Otherwise, snuggle in and enjoy music or the simplicity of silence as you read, surf your iPad, paint your fingernails or work on a project in your very own space.

You can learn more about the Home and Garden Show, running March 25-26, and get a coupon for the show by clicking here.

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