Harley grad returns to share YouTube success story

    2005 Harley School graduate Andrew Rea returns to the school to discuss the success of his YouTube channel "Binging with Babish" (WHAM Photo)

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- His popular cooking series has millions of views on YouTube. "Binging with Babish" combines Andrew Rea's love of film and food. He says it started by accident.

    "I bought a camera and a light to do some freelance documentary work and I set it up in my kitchen. I thought it looked cool so I put it on YouTube,” said Rea.

    Rea re-creates dishes from popular TV shows and movies.

    "It's really cool for us. We've been watching his videos for a while so to finally see him in person is really interesting, it's really cool,” said Harley 10th grader Harrison Davis.

    Davis said students were excited when they realized Rea was a graduate.

    "We discovered that he went to Harley. We found him in the 2005 yearbook on the senior page,” said Davis.

    The school invited him back for a demonstration. Rea took students through his creative process for his videos. A recipe he describes as "one-part chef, one-part filmmaker, and a generous dash of irreverent YouTube personality."

    "It gets people in the door with some pop culture references and then hopefully keeps them there with some humor and production value, and some good looking food,” said Rea.

    "I just thought it's so cool you get to see how all these foods on TV are actually made because I've been wondering that myself,” said Davis.

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