Local company is changing the way we order pizza

Webster, NY""A Webster company is taking pizza, and vending machines, to the next level.

"Pizzametry" has developed a vending machine that bakes a fresh pizza in three and a half minutes.

Yeast risen frozen dough is spread out, covered with toppings, and baked in a real oven.

"It's taken 12 years," says John Kavazanjian, the co-CEO of Pizzametry. "There's food science in this. There's robotics"|There's a lot in here."

The first machines developed by Pizzametry have been tested and are set to rollout soon.

"The idea is to find operators who have food service at hospitals or small hotels, college dorms, trucking centers. Places we think are underserved for prepared food," said Kavazanjian.

Pizza buyers can watch through a window as their pizza is being made while a timer tracks the pizza progression. A 32-inch flat screen television shows advertisements specific to each machine's location.

The bottom line for the engineers who built the machine is building great pizza.

"The dough is excellent. It's first class cheese, quick frozen mozzarella. Fresh as can be once it's cooked and melted." said Kavazanjian.

The suggested price for vending machine pizza is $6.00 for a cheese pizza and $6.50 for pepperoni.

Pizzametry is trying to use their vending machines to break into the $37 billion a year pizza industry.

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