Proud grandfather behind Gugliemo's Sauce

    Rochester, N.Y. - Maybe you have a great home recipe and someone told you, "You should sell this stuff."
    If you have ever thought about it, this is a story to inspire you.
    Gugliemo Sauce, made by Paul Gugliemo, is made in Rochester.
    When Gugliemo isn't producing Brother Wease's radio show, he is the owner, CEO, accountant, human resources manager, and delivery man for his brand new sauce company.
    "It's really close to my heart. It's my grandfather," said Gugliemo. "He's 91 years old. My entire life - 31 years - every single Sunday. Grandpa's house. Pasta. A mini family reunion every Sunday."
    "I really wanted to do something to honor because at the center of these mini family reunions was this sauce. And I saw that as my way to honor him. No one had ever asked him how the sauce was made before."
    That was up until ten years - when Paul did.
    "He took me out to a tomato field and we started picking tomatoes and that's where it started," said Gugliemo.
    That led to Permac in Bergen. It's a commercial kitchen that can take a home recipe and make sure it's safe and ready for commercial production.
    "The first goal, all I wanted, was him to see his sauce in a grocery store. That was the whole point," said Gugliemo.
    First, it was the Gorham Market. Now Pauly's sauce is in Wegmans.
    "We walk into Wegmans with my girlfriend, we go to the sauce aisle and make a scene. Everybody there bought a jar. This guy... he's nuts!"

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