Viral video boosts local business

    Webster, N.Y. - A viral video shot in California has attracted a lot of customers to a small business in Webster.

    The video shows a toddle running around in a Halloween suit, looking like a glowing stick figure. As of Thursday night, the video had more than 6 million hits on YouTube.

    "It's ours,"said Glow City owner Brett Beachner. "You know we started the stick figure costume, and it's just been our niche our product."

    Beachner said he was not too happy to see the video, first posted to the Web Tuesday, showing off a product he's been making for nearly five years.

    "I wasn't badmouthing the costume," Beachner said. "It was a great costume, but I'm like, oh, mine are so much better."

    Then, the video went viral. As the number of views climbed, so did the popularity of the Halloween costume.

    "I go to my partner and I'm like, "I think we're in for a big day,'" Beachner said.

    In just one day, had seen an 80 percent sales increase.

    "We're getting orders from all over the country, all over the world," Beachner said. "I never thought it could get to this level, honestly."

    In 2009, Beachner and his buddy started Glow City, and since then the two men have run the online company out of Beachner's one-bedroom apartment in Webster. The idea for the costume, which led to the company, started with a simple stick figure.

    "It's something you just draw or sketch in kindergarten or something," Beachner said. "Next thing you know, we're making these costumes and it's the coolest thing."

    By hand, Beachner cuts out the masks and strings the EL wire lights into black jumpsuits, making all kinds of different shapes and designs with the stick figure. Beachner said his business is now on track bring in $200,000 this year.

    "When I first saw this video, I was like oh, a stick figure costume, great," he said. "Now, we look at it and what it did for us today is unbelievable."

    Beachner said he needs to thank the person who posted the video. With the big boost in business, Beachner said he's looking to expand his business and find a space to produce and sell his products.

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