Many Voices, Many Visions "Anti-Harassment Training/SWAN Grow Green"

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    This week on "Many Voices, Many Visions", beginning this month in New York state, all employers will be required by law to have written sexual harassment prevention policies and provide annual anti-sexual harassment training.

    This comes at a time when there is much more sensitivity to the issue after the growth of the #MeToo movement. What's allowed and what's not allowed in the workplace? What do employers and employees need to know and what constitutes sexual harassment today? We'll learn from a representative of Gillespie Associates.

    Plus, helping people connect to the land where they live to better their health and their futures. That's part of the mission of an urban farming program called "Grow Green". It's part of the Southwest Area Neighborhood Association. We'll learn why its benefits go beyond filling bellies with homegrown, healthy food.

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