Many Voices, Many Visions, "Autism and Law Enforcement Training/RAIHN"

Irondequoit Police Chief Richard Tantalo and Lawana Jones, CEO, Autism Council of Rochester.JPG

We'll learn about a unique partnership between local police and autism advocates. The Autism Council of Rochester and other local groups along with local police are offering training for first responders so they'll know how to best handle a situation involving someone on the spectrum. The idea is to improve understanding and build community.

Plus, helping Rochester's homeless and calling attention to the problem in a unique way. The Rochester Interfaith Hospitality Network's is holding a fundraiser called "Car City". As the name implies, participants pledge to sleep inside their cars for a time to help build empathy to what many homeless face each day. But, as we learned during the show, that's not the only way the community can help.

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