Many Voices, Many Visions, "Toastmasters/Building Minds in South Sudan"


One of the biggest fears most people have is speaking in public. But what if the “public” is a supportive group of friends? And, what if you weren't just learning how to give a speech—but how to be a leader?

This is how my guests describe Toastmasters International. The Lyceum Toastmasters Club is looking for new members and hosting an open house soon.

Plus, the nation of South Sudan is the world’s youngest state, and it’s one of the world’s most troubled. War, famine, poverty and much more threaten its survival.

Yet, despite the grim outlook, there is work being done to help bring comfort to its people—especially young people. The group “Building Minds in South Sudan”, based here in Rochester, is working to improve access to education.

Its co-founder knows all too well what it means to struggle—he was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.

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