Fourth confirmed measles cases in Monroe County

    An additional case of measles has been confirmed by the Monroe County Health Department. (Photo: CDC)

    Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - An additional case of measles has been confirmed by the Monroe County Health Department.

    The department confirms the latest case involves a boy who attends Canal View Elementary School in Spencerport.

    This brings the total of confirmed cases of measles in Monroe County to four. All four have been diagnosed within the last four weeks. The department believes the boy involved in the latest case was likely exposed to the disease last weekend.

    The Monroe County Department of Public Health says all four cases have occurred in unvaccinated individuals. The department also says it believes these cases represent an isolated cluster among a small group of acquainted individuals who choose not to vaccinate.

    According to the department, cases 2 and 3 (reported January 26) had contact with case 1 (reported January 3). Case 4, the latest case, is a neighbor of cases 2 and 3, who are siblings.

    Monroe County Health Department officials said the risk of exposure is very low because the individual who had the latest case confirmed was not around others during their contagious period.

    "We believe, right now, this is an isolated case," said Monroe County Health Commissioner Michael Mendoza, when the first case was announced to the public on January 3.

    But just three weeks later, two more students at a Spencerport elementary school were confirmed to have measles as well.

    None of those three children were vaccinated.

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    Those born before January 1, 1957 or who have received two doses of the MMR - or measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine - are considered immune.

    The health department recommends all children get one dose of the MMR vaccine at 1 year old, followed by a second dose at age 4-6.

    The Monroe County Department of Public Health says the single best way to prevent measles is to be vaccinated. Individuals are recommended to receive two doses of MRR vaccine to be protected.

    If a child becomes ill, do not send him or her to school. Parents who suspect their child is sick need to call their child's doctor or emergency department before seeking care in order to avoid exposing others. They also need to contact the Monroe County Health Department at (585) 753-5164.

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