National shortage of shingles vaccine affecting Monroe County

    (Photo: CDC)

    Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - There is a shortage of the shingles vaccine across the United States - including Monroe County.

    High demand for the vaccine Shingrix has led to order limits by the vaccine's manufacturer GSK, according to the CDC. Shipping delays will also be likely.

    "It is anticipated order limits and shipping delays will continue throughout 2019. In response, GSK increased the US supply available for 2018 and plans to make even more doses available in the US in 2019. Additionally, GSK will continue to release doses to all customer types on a consistent and predictable schedule during 2019."

    Shingles is a painful rash disease that is also called herpes zoster. Anyone who has the rash should not touch it and keep it covered. Until the rash crusts over, stay away from pregnant women who aren’t protected against chickenpox, premature infants, and people with weakened immune systems.

    Anyone with a weakened immune system should talk to their primary care provider to see if the vaccine is safe for them.

    Anyone looking to receive the vaccine can check online here to see which healthcare providers or pharmacies are carrying Shingrix in stores or offices.

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