New flu cases nearly double in 1 week in Monroe County

New flu cases nearly double in 1 week in Monroe County (MGN Online)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - The number of new flu cases in Monroe County has nearly doubled in the last week, according to new data from the Monroe County Department of Health.

The data compiled as of January 27 shows 2,326 cases of flu have been confirmed in Monroe County. Of those cases, 570 people have been hospitalized.

Another person has died from the flu, bringing the total number of deaths related to the flu to nine. All of the deaths are of people ages 50 and older.

As of the previous week, eight people in Monroe County had died from confirmed cases of the flu.

This marks an increase of 609 new cases from January 20-27. During the previous week-long span of January 12-20, there were 343 new cases confirmed.

The influenza data can be seen in its entirety here. The CDC Emerging Infections Program at the Center for Community Health and Prevention compiles the data.

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