Synthetic cartilage developed in URMC now used by thousands

    There is a new surgical option to relieve a condition that can cause excruciating foot pain (WHAM photo)

    ROCHESTER N.Y. (WHAM) - Locally-developed technology is giving hope to arthritis patients.

    Synthetic cartilage, which was first implanted in a patient at the University of Rochester Medical Center, is being used to treat people dealing with arthritis.

    Cartilage is the material in the body that keeps bones in a joint from rubbing together.

    The first of its kind technology was implanted two years ago in a patient for toe arthritis. That patient and others are said to have recovered well after years of wear.

    Since then, the implant has been used in 17,000 patients. And now, this technology will be used in treating arthritis everywhere in the body.

    "It's really rewarding to me,” said orthopedic surgeon Judith Baumhauer. “The University of Rochester is a leader in translational research and this is just an illustration of the translational research we do here.”

    Currently the University of Rochester Medical Center is one of only five centers that can implant artificial cartilage in thumbs.

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