How honey may be the answer to your allergy woes

How honey may be the answer to your allergy woes. (WICS)

Pollen is covering Springfield, Ill. and people are feeling the effects.

"Everyone's going crazy right now with allergies. They can't breathe, their eyes are running, their nose is running."

Gayle Johnson is the owner of the Apple Barn in Chatham.

She stays stocked up on raw local honey -- but right now, it's flying off the shelves.

"I have customers tell me all the time, 'Oh my gosh, you're my new best friend,'" Johnson said.

Their new best friend for one reason -- suggesting honey to treat allergies.

"It's in my system all the time," Johnson said.

Some studies say if you eat local honey, your body becomes immune to pollen.

However, some medical professionals say that is not yet proven.

"It's kind of the rage because some people think because it has pollen in it. It is helping patients to have less symptoms, but there's really no scientific research that we have found that say that it works,” Amy Jones, of HSHS St. John's Hospital said.

Staff at HSHS St. John's Hospital say the only proven allergy treatment is through medication.

But others, like Johnson, beg to differ.

"Once you start taking raw honey, you just get it and you're a regular," Johnson said.

News Channel 20 talked to business owners who said there's been a bee shortage in Illinois for years. But that's not going to stop them from keeping honey stocked on the shelves.

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