Crime Stoppers - Fatal hit-and-run revisited

Rochester Police are asking more help in a fatal hit-and-run on Bay St. in Feb. 2017.

In this week's Crime Stoppers Most Wanted, Rochester Police revisited a fatal hit-and-run from February 2017.

It was a three-car crash around 3 a.m. on Bay Street on February 26. 2017.

Ciro Colletta, 52, was found dead inside his car. Police have since been looking for two people who fled the scene. They think two cars involved were racing.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 423-9300.

Also in this week's segment, we call your attention to Toyvon Rosier, 30. He is wanted for multiple armed robberies at convenience stores around Monroe County. Again, call Crime Stoppers with information. His photo is in the video clip included here.

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