Surveillance camera catches person taking flowers from funeral home

Surveillance image from Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home (Provided photo)

Greece, N.Y. (13WHAM) - When James Ryan and his family returned to work at the Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home in Greece, they noticed something missing from outside the building.

It wasn't the first time an item had gone missing from the business. But now, an extra set of eyes had caught what happened.

"We've actually have had a bench stolen, we've had flower pots stolen before, but never on camera like that," Ryan said.

Ryan checked the building's surveillance cameras and quickly saw what happened the night of Friday, August 4.

"We came in Monday, noticed the flowers were gone," Ryan said. "We reviewed the tapes and found a woman came in here Friday at 9:30 at night, circled around and threw the flower pot in her car and left."

Surveillance video from the funeral home shows what appears to be a woman pulling alongside the funeral home, then getting out of her car and loading a flower pot into the backseat.

It's a simple crime, simply caught on camera. And now the Ryans and police are scratching their heads.

"The police couldn't believe it either. We kind of got a laugh out of it because we couldn't believe someone could actually do that," Ryan said.

The surveillance video has been shared online around the community since Monday. And all the Ryans, and many others, can ask themselves is, who could steal from a funeral home?

"Stealing is never OK, but when you're stealing from a funeral home, this place is sacred to a lot of people. It's really just beyond disrespectful to steal from a funeral home," Ryan said.

Greece Police are now investigating. If you have any information on this crime, you're asked to Crime Stoppers at 423-9300.

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