Rep. Slaughter not attending Trump inauguration

Congresswoman Slaughter says she will not attend Friday's event (WHAM photo)

Washington, D.C. (WHAM) - Rep. Louise Slaughter (D, NY-25) said Tuesday she will not be attending the inauguration ceremony for President-elect Donald Trump.

Slaughter is the 39th member of Congress to refuse to attend the ceremony.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Slaughter defended her position:

“I take the privilege of serving as a member of Congress seriously, so this was not an easy decision. Congressman John Lewis and I came to Congress at the same time, and he has become like a brother to me. He came to Rochester late last year and visited the convent where nuns from Rochester saved his life on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. For all that he’s stood for all these years, I’m happy to stand with him. As tough as this decision is, I was sent to Washington to get things done, which is why I will be working with the president-elect in the years ahead to move my district and our nation forward,” said Slaughter.

Some constituents in Slaughter's district said Tuesday they disagree with the congresswoman's decision.

"She’s representing Rochester, New York, western New York," argued Nikki DiFabio, "and a lot of people here like Trump, and she represents us."

"I think right now, everyone needs to stand together for a unified front," one voter told 13WHAM. "I think we’re in turbulent times right now, and togetherness and sticking together is what’s going to get us through these next eight years.”

"I would gladly take her ticket and go myself," said Betsey Gawve of Brockport.

Several other House Democrats will be sitting out the inauguration.

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