Could Journey go "separate ways" after White House visit?

Journey performing at Blue Cross Arena in June. Guitarist Neal Schon is now venting about his bandmates on Twitter.

Could this summer's Journey concert at Blue Cross Arena end up being one of their last?

Some members of Journey have visited the White House, and that has guitarist/founder Neal Schon venting on Twitter about his bandmates and his band's future.

"I don't have a problem with Trump," Schon tweeted. "It's all politics. We've never allowed this. It's not smart to mix."

Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain was among the band members who made the visit. His wife is Paula White-Cain, who is chairwoman of the Evangelical Advisory Board to President Trump. Journey's bass player Ross Valory and singer Arnel Pineda accompanied the Cains on the White House visit.

On Thursday, Schon unleashed a series of tweets against "the arranged photo op" that was "against what we've all stood up for until 2 years ago and Jon (Cain) changed drastically." He even tweeted a comedy piece from Seth Meyers that was critical of Paula White-Cain.

Schon promised, "I will travel to new musical terrain that we never have" and of his bandmates said "They will not tour with Journey name. Trust me. I've spent way too long building to give up the brand."

Jonathan Cain's Twitter account so far has nothing on the controversy.

Journey performed at Blue Cross Arena on June 21st. They were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in April.

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