Emma Thompson: 'We have to start casting older women and younger men as lovers in films'

    Emma Thompson leans on Dustin Hoffman at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, celebrating their movie 'The Meyerowitz Stories' (Where: Cannes, France. When: May 21 2017. Credit: Joe Alvarez)

    (WENN)- Emma Thompson was told Hugh Grant was too young to play her love interest in Sense And Sensibility, even though she was just a year older than the actor.

    The British actress tells Yahoo Movies UK she has always been dumbfounded by age gaps between leading men and their much younger love interests, when women even close in age to male stars are considered over the hill.

    “It’s extraordinary,” she says. “I remember listening to people say Hugh Grant was too young for me in Sense and Sensibility, when I was 35 and he was 34. You just go, ‘OK, this is really endemic, really deep, deep, deep in our culture’, so it has to change.

    “I’ve been doing gags about this for centuries. I’ve literally been doing stand-up about this for 30 years. They’re going to have to exhume someone to play opposite me. That’s the gag. I just played a late night talk show host talking about that: ‘What are you going to do, I’m nearly 60, I’m in Hollywood, so next time someone’s going to play opposite me, who’s it going to be? They’re going to have to dig them up,'" she continues.

    “And then, interestingly, I just was working with somebody who was casting a film and they cast an actress who was about 30, and they offered the role to a guy who’s a wee bit younger than her, maybe six years, and he said, ‘No, she’s too old for me’. I thought, ‘Oh my God, that’s unbelievable’ The more we can show actual relationships, women with younger men, the better. Absolutely. Let’s get on with it!”

    Emma got her wish for her new movie, The Children Act – at 57, Stanley Tucci, her character’s husband in the film, is two years younger than the Oscar winner.

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