'House Hunters' features couple searching for Rochester home

Biff Boswell and husband Jeffery Diduch search for a home on HGTV's 'House Hunters' with the help of realtor Susan Glenz (photo courtesy: HGTV)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Fans of the popular show 'House Hunters' will see a familiar skyline tonight. A couple that recently moved to Rochester will be featured on the show.

Biff Boswell wanted to go big.

"I'm a larger guy and I want a larger than life home to match,” said Boswell.

Boswell and his husband Jeffery Diduch moved to Rochester from Tennessee last year.

"Moving is so hard. To have a documentation of starting a new chapter, in a new area, in a new job and to have that in a nice little edited, polished episode is pretty cool,” said Boswell.

One of the properties Boswell loved, but didn't make the show was an old bank on State Street. He dreamed of turning it into a home.

"It was centrally located. It has these huge columns. The fact that it is a registered historical marker smack in the middle of downtown Rochester with a vault,” said Boswell.

Today, he got a chance to tour it.

"There's so much detail. The thick moldings, chimneys and fireplaces. It's a beautiful property,” said Boswell.

On the show the couple tour another old bank in Webster. Plus, a Tudor home in Brighton and a house built in the 1980s in Perinton. Local realtor Susan Glenz helps them on their hunt.

Boswell can't reveal which home they choose, but does share a lesson in house hunting.

"The one thing that's definitely true is that it's a compromise between me and my husband on the home we choose,” said Boswell.

The couple decided to move to Rochester when Jeffery signed on with Hickey Freeman.

You can see their episode and find out which house they chose tonight at 10 o'clock on HGTV.

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