Kevin Spacey is seen in public for the first time since going to sex addiction clinic

    Photo: Kevin Spacey / Facebook via MGN

    WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- Actor Kevin Spacey was seen jogging on a trail while he receives treatment at a sex addiction facility. It is the first time Spacey has been seen in public since entering rehab.

    The Daily Mail reports he was on the trail twice over the weekend and that while jogging, he attempted to hide his face.

    He wore dark sunglasses, a hat and a dark hoodie during his runs on Friday and Sunday.

    While exercising, the former star of "House of Cards" was planked by two other men running down a hill before returning to the clinic.

    Spacey is spending $36,000 a month while he "seeks evaluation and treatment," according to his rep.

    As a result of revelations involving him, Spacey was kicked off "House of Cards" and had his overall deal with Netflix revoked. "House of Cards" was also cancelled after the upcoming sixth season.

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