A Christmas Story Lego House: Did LEGO buy it?

The Christmas Story Lego House will not become an official LEGO set. (File WHAM photo)

During the 2017 holiday season, a Syracuse man built a replica of the house in the film "A Christmas Story" made of legos.

Jason Middaugh collected 10,000 signatures for LEGO to consider marketing his idea.

He brought the house to the Strong National Museum of Play and Good Day Rochester to help promote it.

But the news from LEGO is not good.

The LEGO Christmas Story House Facebook page wrote a statement saying:

I am so sorry to have to say that A Christmas Story House will not become an official LEGO Ideas set. Thank you all so much for all of the support, and I really wish that I could have communicated some happier news. In many ways this project was like Ralphie's journey in A Christmas Story, except we won't have the LEGO set hiding behind the desk on Christmas morning. This has been an unbelievable, surreal experience. Thank you all again.

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