A Christmas surprise for a boy who lost his mother

(WHAM photo)

In Wayland, a Christmas surprise for a little boy who lost his mother in a car crash in Dansville in early December.

The Wayland Fire Department rallied fire stations and communities to bring the spirit of hope to the boy.

Eric Williams, the organizer behind the surprise, lost his father when he was a teen. When he learned four-year-old Mason would not have his mother this Christmas, he made it his mission to make mason feel loved.

On Hamilton Street Christmas Eve, the sounds of sirens, now a symbol of hope for little Mason.

It’s an outpouring of love after his family’s tragic loss.

“We'll never be able to bring back the fact that his mom is gone, but I can make sure and encourage his future and make him feel loved today,” Williams said.

Mason's mother Shawn Martinez died earlier this month. She ran out of gas in Dansville. When she got out of her vehicle, she was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Williams was at her funeral with Mason.

“When we were at the grave site, hearing him ask his grandmother, 'Are we gonna leave mommy here alone?' The thought of a little boy only being 4four years old and losing his mother, it touched home,” said Williams.

He decided to organize the Christmas delivery to show Mason he is not alone.

Mason overjoyed as first responders and communities brought gifts.

The family heartbroken by their loss, yet overwhelmed by this show of love.

“You could see it in his eyes the happiness of life to come. He's never going to forget something like this,” said Patricia Rowland, Mason’s grandmother. “God's love is everywhere, and God is here with us. His mom's looking down upon him. And she's just a beautiful angel that he looks forward to.”

“The community needs to stick together, in the good times and the bad,” Williams added. “And this is one of the times it was bad, but we're going to turn it into good.”

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