A decade and counting: 16-year-old collects toys for Pirate Toy Fund

Liam Smith is an Irondequoit High School student. (Photo: Liam Smith)

Irondequoit, N.Y. - For nearly one decade, Liam Smith has been collecting toys for the Pirate Toy Fund, and he's only 16-years-old.

The reason he started at such a young age is because he was once the kid that received the toys. He was 7-years-old when he was in the hospital to have his appendix removed.

"It was cool, because I was really scared. I had never been in the hospital before so, getting something to take your mind off it," said Smith.

That was when he told his mom he wanted to help other kids. So with her help, he started collecting more and more toys for the Pirate Toy Fund each year. Eventually, he set an ambitious goal; collect 1,000 toys.

"It took some time, last year I finally got to it," said Smith. "But every year it's been growing exponentially. I get, like, 25 more every year. So hopefully, it will continue to grow."

Now, Smith is inspiring other kids to follow his lead.

"Last year I did have a little girl come up to me and say she saw my story and she started her own," added Smith. "So she came in with about 20 toys and she had the biggest smile on her face."

Smith is a high school student, who plays on the Irondequoit High School football team, but he continues to find time for the Pirate Toy Fund.

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