Police pursuit of armed robbery suspect ends with SUV crash on Empire Blvd.

A police pursuit of armed robbery suspects ended when an SUV flipped over on Empire Boulevard near the Rt. 590 bridge Monday morning. (Photo via Burst)

IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WHAM) - A police pursuit of an armed robbery suspect ended when an SUV flipped over on Empire Boulevard near the Rt. 590 bridge Monday morning.

This happened around 7:45 a.m. just west of the overpass.

State Police blocked all ramps to and from Rt. 590 at Empire Boulevard.

Webster Police said the pursuit was related to a string of armed robberies from Webster to Irondequoit. The robberies began around 11 p.m. Sunday, starting with a Sunoco gas station on North Avenue near Orchard Street. Officers said a man pulled out a gun inside the store. No one was hurt.

Early Monday morning, police said someone tried to rob the Home Depot in Irondequoit on East Ridge Road. Approximately ten minutes later, a man carrying a knife walked into the Mobil gas station on Ridge Road near Bay Road in Webster and demanded money.

A few moments later, Webster Police Chief Joe Rieger was driving past Five Mile Line Road along Ridge Road toward the robbery and spotted a vehicle matching the description of the one seen on Ridge Road. Chief Rieger spotted the SUV driver at a gas pump and tried to take him into custody, but the man jumped into the SUV and drove away.

The suspect lost control of the SUV while swerving to avoid a Stop Stick device.

Maryjoy Calcagno recorded the chaotic scene on her way to work.

"I was coming off the 590 and I saw smoke coming up,” said Calcagno. “I came around the corner and all this smoke, and I look and there are 20 cops...All of a sudden they pulled their guns out. I've never seen anything like that."

The police chase came to a violent end. Investigators say the suspect's vehicle crashed into two other cars on Empire Boulevard near 590 in Irondequoit.

"He was coming out the window of the car because it was on its side. The (police) had their guns pointing to him...there was blood all over his face," said Calcagno.

Webster Police Chief Joe Rieger and other units chased the suspect.

"Our chief of police, responding to that robbery, observed what he thought to be a suspect at Five Mile and Ridge at one of the gas stations,” said Lt. Dennis Kohlmeier with the Webster Police Department. “He attempted to make contact and that resulted in a vehicle pursuit."

Police are now looking into whether the armed robbery at a Sunoco Sunday night is connected to today's chain of events.

The suspect was taken into custody and was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital, along with two other people who were injured in the crash. According to Irondequoit Police, three vehicles were involved in the crash.

Webster and Irondequoit Police Departments are working the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police.

"We have a standard pursuit policy in Monroe County," said Lt. Kohlmeier. "It has to include serious crimes, and armed robbery fits that policy."

Anyone who might have more information about these robberies or the suspects should call 911.

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