After devastating storms, Seneca Co. residents begin lengthy cleanup process

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    Lodi Point, N.Y. – Wednesday, many displaced neighbors returned to their homes following the devastating flooding in Seneca County.

    Close to 70 people are still out of their homes, forced out by raging floodwaters. The Seneca County manager told 13WHAM the damage appears to be concentrated in Lodi Point. The number of damaged homes remains unclear.

    Many of the people 13WHAM spoke with Wednesday were hoping for the best, while expecting the worst. Dozens met at the Ovid Fire Department, and the National Guard took them to their homes and properties so they could assess the damages.

    Many returned home and found their furniture and other belongings that had been swept away into Seneca Lake were now caked in mud.

    Jim Wilcox wasn’t home when the floodwaters raced through his cottage. He found out about it on the news. Wednesday, he came back to assess the damage and begin the cleanup process.

    “Right now, we’re taking the water and cleaning it out of the cottage,” he said. “We don’t have power, so this is the only way to get it cleaned and back together in one piece.”

    “When we first came in, there was anywhere from a quarter-inch of mid throughout the kitchen and going outside,” he added. “The drain on the side was actually six feet tall, with water rushing down through the concrete wall on the side of the building, and it just ripped right out of the side. So that was our first indication we were in trouble.”

    We’re told cleanup operations could take months.

    There is a hotline for flood victims and property owners affected by Tuesday's storm. That number is 866-697-2434.

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